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Surface Preparation Guide
Incomplete or insufficient preparation is the single greatest cause of paint failures. All surfaces should be sound, clean and dry before painting. Use the guidelines below to prepare your surfaces for painting.
Remove dirt, grease, oil and chemicals
Dirt, grease, oil or chemicals may interfere with the adhesion of paint. Clean your surface with soap and water, household cleaner or trisodium phosphate (TSP) solution.Do not use solvents to clean surfaces. Solvents tend to smear grease and oil and leave residue on your surface. Strong solvents can also soften a previous finish and make your new paint application susceptible to wrinkling.
Remove loose rust, as well as chipping or peeling paint
Create a smooth surface before applying your primer and/or base coat. Painting over loose rust will result in poor adhesion and an uneven finish.Remove loose rust or paint by sanding or scraping your surface with a wire brush, sandpaper, steel wool or a scraper. Sand glossy surfaces lightly. Do not sand old paint that may contain lead.
Rinse and let dry
Rinse your surface and allow it to dry completely before applying a primer or top coat.
Apply a primer
Priming is recommended to increase the adhesion of your top coat to your surface. Priming also provides a thicker film buildup, which increases durability and creates a flatter and smoother surface for applying your top coat.Priming is suggested on these surfaces:
Bare Metal
Priming makes your top coat adhere more smoothly to bare metal. Priming also adds to the rust-inhibitive function of your coating.
Darkly Painted Surfaces
If you are changing from a dark coat to a light coat, prime in order to cover your old color completely. Priming also helps prevent bleeding of your old color through your new top coat.
Apply a top coat
Aerosol Application
Apply aerosol paints outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Lay sign on a flat surface starting with the back first. Spray on smooth, even coats for a smooth, factory-like finish. Keep your can at a slight angle to the surface of your object and move your can back and forth. After each coat, wait 10 minutes and rotate the sign 90 degrees until you have 3 coats. Let Sign dry for 24 hrs. DO NOT leave the sign outside overnight during the drying time. Flip the sign over and repeat the process on the front side.

Product Care and Maintenance

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Metal Sign Prep & Painting

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